New: Plans Update

We are happy to inform you that as of September 19, 2020, we adjust the prices and the structure of our plans. In place of our old plan schema (Small, Medium, Large), we introduce the new ones: Starter, Team, Organization. We prepared the new plans’ portfolio to better fit our customers’ needs, addressing various organizational arrangements.

The new plans

All paid plans include an extended set of features that allow the customers to mock the HTTP server in the broad spectrum of use cases. The features include template mocks, dynamic mocks, proxy mocks, stateful behavior, and others.

The Starter plan is designed to bring value to the customers willing to try all features but not needing high request capacity and the collaboration with the team members.

The Team plan is crafted for the development team and supports collaboration between its members. It delivers a much higher monthly request quota to support more complex architectures and use cases.

The Organization plan is supposed to fit the need of small and medium-sized organizations consisting of several teams. It provides the highest monthly request quota and the capacity to create up to 100 workspaces and 2000 mocks.

Are existing customers affected?

Accounts of the customers signed up for the paid plans are not affected by the change. They still have capabilities of the old plans (Small, Medium, Large). However, the subscription plan’s adjustment is possible only to one of the new plans (Starter, Team, Organization). You may adjust your subscription in the Plan & Billing view.

You look for something else?

If you don’t find the new plan schema suitable for you (need more capacity, dedicated tenancy, or a custom SLA), please contact our sales team at


If you have any questions, please contact our customer support at