New: Sign In with Google and GitHub

We are happy to announce that we release a new feature of sign-in/sign-up with Google and GitHub. We continuously work on improvements to our platform and to make it more user-friendly. We trust the new sign-in options will help existing customers and allow new customers to try our product faster and seamlessly.

You don’t have to type an email, full name, and password to create your first HTTP service mock. Now you may sign up quickly with Google or GitHub. Our Free plan lets you play with some features like HTTP API mocks rendered by the Handlebars engine. It can generate random data and make mocked HTTP endpoints more similar to real services they simulate.

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact our support team at If you need some custom integration with Okta or other identity management software, please contact our sales team at

Until next time, 

Happy mocking!

The Team

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