New: Proxy Mocks

Not so long ago, we released a new feature of – Proxy mocks. Proxy mocks allow for selective forwarding of the HTTP requests to other systems. It means that for some criteria, defined by request matching, may give static, template, dynamic, or failure response, and for other criteria, proxy the original request to some user-defined HTTP address. These may be your own mock services that you migrate to or real services.

Proxy mocks also allow to:

  • override some original HTTP headers before being forwarded to the destination service
  • add custom response headers
  • setup custom request timeout towards the destination service

Proxy mocks open completely new possibilities for our customers. We already see adoption and the first extension requests that will be a subject of further evaluation.

Proxy mocks are available for all our paid plans. If you would like to know more check

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Thank you. That’s something we missed. That was exactly our use case. We wanted to have hosted HTTP server mock, mock specific cases and route rest of the calls to original service.

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